What’s more fun than creating memes together with strangers on the internet? Well, how about getting paid for doing so! Daobee is a free-to-earn NFT-creation browser-game in which players create exciting art, memes and stories together with others. All artworks created on Daobee are put up for public auction as NFTs and all earnings get shared equally between the players and Daobee.

But Daobee is more than a crypto-game – It is the connecting tissue and a catalyzer for the whole IOTA NFT ecosystem. Holding NFTs will unlock functional and cosmetic features on Daobee. These NFTs can be official Daobee NFTs, user-made NFTs from the games and partnership NFTs!

All accepted NFTs points to the Honey-meter of their holder. This counter unlocks more and more features on Daobee as it rises. However, not all NFTs are created equal: Some add more points to the counter than others, depending on their value. This will make Daobee into the first layer-2 NFT utility provider on IOTA.

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Daobee to unlock features that will gain utility on Daobee for all Morons NFT holder by adding EXTRA value to the Honey-meter and, in special cases, even go full-on premium with unique features! 😉

We are looking forward to collaborating with Daobee, making it IOTAs first “Layer-2 NFT utility” provider and catalyzer of the NFT ecosystem! Find out more in the official Daobee Whitepaper here.