The Shimmer network is live! Shimmer extends the DAG ledger with a composable tokenization framework, opening up new possibilities to tokenize everything (NFTs, real-world assets, stablecoins, fan tokens, etc.) natively on Layer 1 without fees. This framework is the foundational basis for Shimmer’s smart contract execution layer, which includes full EVM compatibility with the upcoming ShimmerEVM launch.

The Shimmer network is the staging network of the IOTA ecosystem. Any core protocol improvements and feature upgrades are made available on it first, to help test, validate and expedite the engineering roadmap.

The $SMR Token

The $SMR token is the native token of the Shimmer network. The $SMR token can be used to settle execution fees on smart contract chains, as is the case in the upcoming ShimmerEVM chain. In addition, the $SMR token is used in storage deposits when minting native assets or NFTs on the Shimmer network. The Shimmer token was fairly distributed, with 100% of the initial token supply going to the community. Anyone staking IOTA tokens received $SMR tokens over a three-month staking period. During that time, a total of ~1,450,896,407 SMR was generated from users staking IOTA.

Claiming your $SMR tokens in the Shimmer network is now possible with Firefly. Import your staking wallet backup in Firefly Shimmer to claim your tokens. But first things first: download and install the Firefly Shimmer app from the Firefly website and follow the step-by-step guide:

The Morons Road ahead

With Firefly Shimmer released and the first wave of features available, we now look ahead to what’s to come in the next weeks: Firefly Shimmer NFT support to finally unleash the 9,999 tokenized Morons!

The first version of NFT support will cover the most prominent current use cases for NFTs: art and ownership. A “Collection” tab will be added to Firefly Shimmer with everything needed to view, send, manage and burn NFTs within your portfolio.

The NFT functionality will gradually expand as the NFT space develops, and the Shimmer ecosystem grows to accommodate the needs of projects and users. Some potential areas for expansion include NFTs holding other NFTs and tokens, or granting access to events by presenting or burning an NFT ticket.

Morons Whitelist Sale

We are preparing the first batch of the tokenized Morons for the Whitelist sale, with early access and discounted prices for holders of Moron NFTs exclusively!

The whitelist sale will include the unique physical trading cards with the matching Digital Twin NFT holding the PFP NFT. The orders will be processed by Tokenized Kiwi, just like the Promo Moron trading cards. Tokenized Kiwi has managed all the manufacturing processes of our physical trading cards with a lot of work and passion. They are also providing the infrastructure for us to distribute the cards all over the world, what we could not have done on our own.

How to join the Morons Whitelist Sale

If you already own an official Morons NFT make sure to add your Discord handle to your Soonaverse profile. This will automatically enable access to our secret “verified” Morons channel in Discord, where we share exclusive details about the whitelist sale in advance.

If you don’t own a Morons NFT yet and want to join the Whitelist sale, there are two ways:

  1. Get your Moron NFT on the secondary market:
  2. Get your limited Morons T-Shirt with free NFT Gift card:

About the Soonaverse:

The Soonaverse is a decentralized platform for communities, enabling the seamless creation, management, and interoperability of DAOs, projects, and groups. It provides all the tools needed for a DAO to operate to its fullest potential. The Soonaverse has also introduced a completely feeless NFT marketplace on the IOTA network. Buyers, sellers, and creators can finally mint and trade NFTs with zero marketplace fees.


About Tokenized Kiwi

Tokenized Kiwi was founded in 2021 to enable creators to easily manufacture, sell and distribute physical art to connect it with its digital twin on a feeless distributed ledger, building trust in the modern age of art. Tokenized Kiwi will make use of the IOTA Digital Assets framework allowing the tokenization of real-world assets, which will transform the concept and the exchange of value as we know it. Feeless, scalable, and secure.