On March 8, 2021, the Head of Growth at one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, claimed that “Only morons buy IOTA”. A few months later IOTA started its journey as the ultimate DLT with the most awaited network upgrade in IOTA’s history as an enabler of exciting new use-cases.

WE ARE MORONS, and we are a small group of artists from the IOTA community who, for many years, have been creating digital art. Our dream was to create the first non-fungible tokens on the IOTA tangle with all the freedoms that entails. Our dream came true. Please understand that we want to stay anonymous at the moment as we have families and jobs, which we want to protect.


Buying a NFT using current blockchain technology like Ethereum can quickly amount to more than a few hundred dollars in fees. Not to mention the amount of energy Ethereum’s underlying blockchain technology wastes with each transaction. On the IOTA network, transactions are always feeless! Minting fees are also negligible due to the IOTA Digital Assets framework. Only the commission of the IOTA-based NFT marketplace remains, as the infrastructure has to be powered in some way. The IOTA Foundation and the IOTA community are building all necessary components right now. If you want to have a detailed look at the IOTA Digital Assets framework, click here.

What’s next?

We have something very special for all the Morons out there, and you can’t imagine how many hours we put into this project: We are going to tokenize 9,999 real-world Moron trading cards on the Tangle! Every physical card is drafted on an exclusive cardboard with real silver pigments and features a unique Moron character, a unique number and a unique QR-Code on it. Many characters are equipped with IOTA-related accessories, and all the characters will be available as a digital twin (NFT) on the Tangle. In this collection, there will never be more than one physical card and digital twin created of each character. The Morons can be acquired from our cooperation partner for fiat soon.

Promo Moron Cards in two styles from our cooperation partner using cardboard with real silver pigments.

We are also going to give away some physical Promo Moron trading cards to the IOTA community for free. You can also acquire them from our cooperation partner for low cost soon. In total, there are 200 promo cards in two different styles available: 100 in silver/silver and 100 in opaque-white/silver. The order quantity for the promo cards will be limited to two of each version per order.  Please note that you won’t be able to connect them to a digital twin; but don’t worry, we have a very cool surprise for you when you have received your cards!

This project is a crucial step in building trust in the modern way of art, powered by IOTA. We invite everybody to be part of this journey. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date: @iotamorons